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Jamie Rayner


Jamie Rayner stands out as a dedicated professional with a genuine passion for making dreams come true. Her journey into the realm of property transactions began with a keen observation of the industry during her personal buying and selling experiences. Armed with a solid background in property and office management, Jamie recognized the potential impact she could make as a real estate agent. Her love for helping people and a strong work ethic fueled her desire to excel in this field.

While juggling the responsibilities of running her own company and raising two young boys, Jamie took the bold step of pursuing her real estate license. The initial attempt was put on hold due to time constraints, but Jamie's determination never wavered. She transitioned from entrepreneurship to event logistics and later to a transportation sales management position. Despite her success in these roles, Jamie yearned for something more—a venture that she could call her own.

In 2020, faced with unexpected changes in her career due to company layoffs, Jamie saw an opportunity to turn her real estate aspirations into reality. Undeterred by discouraging advice from others, she committed herself to completing the licensing course in a remarkable six weeks, dedicating long hours to studying. By September of the same year, Jamie was a licensed agent ready to embark on her real estate journey.

The challenges of her first transaction, which closed on New Year's Eve, were met with unwavering determination. Overcoming hurdles with the homeowner's association, Jamie proved her resilience and commitment to her clients. The satisfaction of helping her first-time buyer navigate through the complexities of the process affirmed that she was on the right path.

For Jamie Rayner, real estate is not just a career—it's a calling. The reward lies in the joy and happiness she brings to clients as they achieve their goals of home ownership or transition to new chapters in their lives. Today, Jamie continues to build her legacy in real estate, driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on the lives of those she serves.

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Jamie Rayner

Your Passionate, Resilient, and Personal Realtor

Passion for Dreams

Jamie Rayner's genuine passion and strong work ethic make her a dedicated professional committed to turning clients' real estate dreams into reality.

Resilient Commitment

Jamie's quick licensing amid career changes showcases her resilience. Clients can trust her unwavering commitment to overcoming challenges for successful transactions.

Personalized Excellence

With a background in property management, Jamie offers personalized service, ensuring clients' unique needs are prioritized for a seamless real estate journey.



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